All Youth As Volunteers Integrated Network Society (YAVINS) activities depend on donations from both local and international donors.

We would like to appeal to the local and international community to support YAVINS’ cause. Your donation or support can be in a number of ways including the following;

      • Financial, technical or material support. We need sports gear, relief supplies and teaching aids and technology such as computers, books, youth entertainment media, and public broadcasting materials.
      • You can visit and volunteer with us on various projects of your interest.
      • Networking, information gathering and sharing.
      • Grants and donations.
      • Refer us to, or send us  reliable and cooperative friends who can help us.
      • Spend your holidays working with us and make a difference.
      • Organise awareness meetings in your local community or country. We can assist you with the speaking and presentation.
      • Invite us to speak to your community, organisation, school, place of work, place of worship, for the sake of YAVINS.
      • Do an internship with us.

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