Organisation Activities

Currently the Youths As Volunteers Integrated Network Society (YAVINS) is directly involved and implementing a number of activities through youth initiatives. These include the following;

    • Poverty alleviation in communities through educating and training locals in income generating activities.
    • Skills trainings in vocation / practical fields such as; Agriculture, Carpentry, brick-laying, tailoring, applied mechanics, environmental protection etc. Skills are taught through the YAVINS community vocational and skills training school. Currently these shelters are temporary which creates the need for building permanent shelters. 
    • Awareness programs through direct community participation and radio broadcasting programs.
    • HIV/AIDS care, support and referral programs.
    • HIV/AIDS preventive material handouts.
    • HIV/AIDS & other awareness raising programs. These are specifically targeting youth out of school and those in school through recreation and sports.
    • Donation of sports accessories like soccer balls, boxing gear and other sports equipments, depending on what we receive from donors and what we can afford to buy with our individual members' donations..
    • Home visits for children living on their own (CLO), people living with AIDS and individuals living with a disability. Here we hand out things such as food items like sugar and soap, etc; which we buy locally.
    • Supporting marginalised children with school fees dependent on the generosity of donors.  
    • We donate new and used, but good relief supplies such as clothes, mosquito nets and any other household items donated by our international and local friends with a heart for children and youth in need.
    • We identify international and local volunteers who can help in any fields of their choice such as nurses, teachers, puppet show artists, musicians, school counsellors, sports trainers, trades people volunteers etc. people who can help in youth sports with a purpose of encouraging them in positive-living and income generating activities, and related skills or trades training.
    • We work in liaison with the local government leaders with a purpose of achieving sustainability and identifying areas of intervention where we can partner with the government.
    • Expansion of the vocational training school and establishment of more skills training centres in other marginalised parts of Rakai district.
    • International awareness and fundraising programs in line with the YAVINS interests and activities.
    • Community youth sports tournaments as an awareness tool.
    • Donation of educational and sports tools to needy community educational institutions for youth and children.
    • Counselling services in areas of HIV/AIDS, family violence, sexual abuse, pregnancy options and childcare.
    • Family Planning and Maternal Health programs both prenatal and postnatal.
    • Literacy programs in areas of English learning, reading and writing, financial management and related projects.
    • Emergency interventions measures in times of drought and related unpredictable catastrophes.

Future Plans.

      • We are planning to expand our training facility so that we can assist more youth, especially girls, who are the most vulnerable members of African society.
      • We plan to establish permanent structures of the skills training centre, to build more classroom blocks. We need volunteers who can help physically or financially.
      • We hope to start a mobile library where we can help school-going kids and school drop out kids with books that they can borrow on an on-going basis, for the purpose of improving literacy skills in communication in English as a second language.
      • We have identified some nursing students and we are still negotiating the plan of getting them to Rakai District-Uganda, to help with family planning and maternal health care programs: prenatal & postnatal. (A large percentage of maternal mortality in Uganda is because of medically trained nurses or midwives not being in attendance at childbirths).
      • We would like to organise health trainings for women with the assistance of science and/or medical students.
      • We are planning on constructing and operating a public health unit to help women and girls with information and support in conjunction with the family planning and maternal health programs.
      • We are planning to buy more affordable vehicles, which shall be used by YAVINS volunteers in their field activities. We need to facilitate our volunteers in order to reach more vulnerable youth and other members of the community
      • We are looking for trucks that are cost effective and fuel economic. This means that instead of hiring other people to transport our people or materials, we can reduce the budget by acquiring our own organisation’s means of transport.
      • We would like to have a stand-by ambulance to be available for emergency situations. We are looking for a generous donor who could provide this
      • In line with the local government leaders’ requests, we are planning to establish more cost effective sports centers for the youth in adjacent communities. There is an urgent need for sports equipments and facilities such as; basketball courts, volleyball fields and women netball courts. Just like us, the local government authorities are aware that these facilities are good for the purpose of keeping the youth busy and occupied which can reduce their engagements in risky behaviours and crime.  It also provides them with a social outlet rather than engaging in risky social activities such as gang activities or prostitution through which they can contract dangerous diseases like HIV/AIDS.

Urgent needs – We need your help

  • We currently use temporary shelters / classrooms covered with grass and tapelines for all field activities and meetings. We are in desperate need of permanent shelters on our land because of rain and sunshine. See our photo gallery for details.
  • We need training tools for the youth training school e.g. carpentry & joinery tools, building/brick laying construction tools, manual sewing machines, Electric design & fabric fashioning machines, arc welding/fabrication and foundry, plumbing, mechanics, cookery tools, hairdressing tools, electric installation tools, music equipments etc. We only have a handful of tools that are being shared by all students. Shipments of these to Uganda are highly welcome.
  • We need our own means of transport so that we can facilitate volunteers’ activities.
  • We need donations / shipments of sporting equipment of any kind and relief supplies of all kinds for the youth. If you can donate these to the organisation, we would be extremely grateful. Contact any of our international personnel on the listed contacts.
  • We need volunteers to train the youth. We cannot yet afford to pay youth trainers due to limited funding supplies.
  • We need to construct a maternal health, counselling unit with pregnancy option services on our property, so any financial or building assistance that can be provided there, would be highly sought after by the society.
  • Any HIV/AIDS preventive kits and educational tools that can be donated would be helpful and put to good use.
  • We need to have a permanent hostel for our volunteers on our property. This will cut down the costs greatly.
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