Together we can make a difference in the lives of the marginalized and the most vulnerable within our boarders especially the children and the youth. This is the best way of ensuring and securing a bright future.
Through fund-raising and water-walk Campaigns in North America we can do so much in Africa

As we work in Canada and Africa we hope to touch the lives of those considered less favored in attaining life’s best opportunities as well as those at risk of things like drug abuse.

Complacency and individualism does not make us happier than those without basic needs.
Sharing the freely given gifts, talents, knowledge, expertise and personal wealth with others does not only improve our lives in terms of spiritual and social fulfillment, but it is a gate way to building and strengthening those “bridges” we all badly need. You or I may not be able to change the world but TOGETHER, when we join hands we can accomplish so much. Just like “eating a big elephant” if each of us does something for the sake of changing the lives of the youth and those vulnerable individuals, we can make our neighborhoods more habitable while creating a united world united in diversity.
This is not only good for us but it is the best legacy we can leave behind for our children and those in our care. If the youth especially girls are empowered, there is no reason why we do not have a safe and a bright future. Remember that, such young people are the leaders of tomorrow whether we may want it or not.
The best way to make them better leaders is to empower them with those essential skills, knowledge and wisdom to make them the very people we want them to be. Uganda just like the whole of Africa is one of the richest and the most attractive places. However, for so many years she has lagged behind only because many times those who visit just take away instead of re-investing those talents and gifts. The best way to have an abundance of what to take away tomorrow, we need to re-invest in the Africa's and Uganda’s youngsters.
As a matter of urgency and the need of the “now”, we cannot sit back and relax while the wrong people are recruiting our young people in dangerous avenues like terrorism, wars and civil uprisings.
Therefore, to avert some of these problems that is why the Youths As Volunteers Integrated Network Society (YAVINS), took the initiatives to reach out to these vulnerable Ugandans and Africans to make them better people in such a society with limited resources.
Helping them makes us feel happy and better and this gives us an assurance that where we are heading the path is straight.
Our major need and current TARGET is to establish a permanent Elementary School (Primary School) as well as to accommodate a Youth Vocational Training Centre/Community Centre “The Oasis of Hope in the jungle.” The answer to the needs of the World is to Save the Children through education and accessibility to the basic services as well as empowering the youth with trades or skills as well as social and moral transformation.
In Canada we have a role to play in mentoring the youth, teach them in averting negative or overcoming practices such as drug abuse, school drop-out, gun violence and many of such.
 We have an obligation of reaching out to minors/children especially the delinquent ones and many of such that have been at odd with the law. Putting these juveniles in remand homes or jails is good but it is a short-term solution. With funding, we can make this a long-term strategy. With strict rules in place, this is possible. Most of the deviant behaviors can be addressed by social participation especially if such activities are in a different environment like rural Africa. We have plans to work with foreign governments like Canada and others, their respective judicial and social departments and institutions to bring such as these.
. In this particular restrictive and regulated department, we want to give these youth a second chance in life so that they can be part of a productive generation and workforce in their respective countries when they return home. This particular program is for the youth only. Our rural social participatory programs will ensure that this positive and social change is achieved as portrayed in our mission statement.
Apart from empowering the youth in vocational skills, it is essential to attain great sustainability by engaging the local people in social development and health programs. This is only possible with a permanent Community Centre where all people from all races, creeds, religions, gender, ages and various backgrounds can gather and participate in self-help initiatives.
This is the best strategy of enhancing rural and community participatory development that the world needs. In this centre, we plan to establish a permanent WATER BANK through the rain water-harvesting System.
With the centre in place, it will be easier to harvest rainwater that can simplify most of the activities in the area. With this centre in place, we hope to “attack” the problems of illiteracy, poverty, and disease, heads on.
The greatest resources and support that are needed are for this particular project and once this target is accomplished, we do not anticipate bigger economic burdens on our donors. The completion of the Centre will make the rest of the work simpler and our goals will be easier to achieve. This center is our “OASIS of hope” in the community. Every reader here can help with publicity to see this dream accomplished. Potential donors can contact us for project proposals.

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