Complacency and individualism do not make us happier than those without basic needs. By sharing our gifts, talent, knowledge, expertise and personal wealth with others we enrich our own lives but build and strengthen those bridges between us.

Youth As Volunteer Network society graduation ceremony

You or I may not be able to change the world as individuals but together, when we join hands, we can accomplish so much. Just like “eating a big elephant” if each of us does a small part for the sake of supporting those youths and those vulnerable individuals, we can make our communities more habitable while creating a world united in diversity.

This is the best legacy we can leave behind for our children and those in our care. If the youth, especially girls are empowered there is no reason why we do not have a safe and a bright future. Remember that such young people are the leaders of tomorrow whether we may want it or not.

Youth As Volunteer Network Society Singing
Walk For Water Youth As Volunteer Network Society

By empowering the youth with essential skills, knowledge and wisdom to lead we are preparing them for a future in which those talents and skills are re-invested in the community.

In a turbulent country we provide an alternative future to one filled with terrorism, war, and violence. That is why The Youths As Volunteers Integrated Network Society took the initiative to reach out to these vulnerable Ugandans and Africans to help them better their communities with limited resources.

Apart from empowering the youth in vocational skills, it is essential to attain sustainability by engaging the local people in social development and health programs. This is only possible with a permanent Community Centre where all people no matter what race, creed, religion, gender, age or various background can gather and participate in self-help initiatives.

In this center, we plan to establish a permanent Water Bank through a rainwater-harvesting system. The rainwater harvesting system will simplify most of the activities in the area and provide a source of drinking water to the locals.

With this center in place, we hope to attack the problems of illiteracy, poverty, and disease, heads on. This project is where our greatest needs lie. The completion of the Centre will simplify the rest of our projects and our goals will be easier to achieve. This center is our “OASIS of hope” in the community.