Youths As Volunteers Integrated Network Society Education Center

Our 3 Current Projects Are:

  • Building classrooms for our proposed school and community outreach facility within the Rakai District, Uganada
  • Providing clean, accessible drinking water through the construction of filtered wells and water collection tanks.
  • Furnishing and supplying the classrooms with items such as desks, benches, books, computers, and other classroom supplies and equipment.
Drumming together Uganda

As always, we continue to work towards alleviating poverty through education, skills training, providing relief supplies to those in need, and promotion of women’s and children’s rights in Uganda.

Please visit our Donations page if you can help us fund our projects. Or, if you would rather donate your time, please visit our Volunteers page for more information on how to do so.

Our Ongoing Projects Include:

  • Skills and vocational training in practical fields such as agriculture, carpentry, bricklaying, tailoring, applied mechanics, environmental protection etc.
  • Awareness programs through direct community participation and radio broadcasts.
  • HIV/AIDS care, support and referral programs as well as preventative material handouts and educational programs directed towards youths, both in and out of school.
  • Collection of sports accessories such as soccer balls, boxing gear, and other equipment.
  • Home support visits for children living on their own, those living with AIDS, or disabilities.
  • Supporting marginalized children by paying for their school fees.
  • Collecting new and used relief supplies such as clothes, mosquito nets, and other household items.
  • Promoting international awareness and fundraising programs in line with the YAVINS interests and activities.
  • Liasing with local government leaders to achieve community sustainability and areas of intervention where we can partner with the government.
  • Providing Family Planning support and pre and post natal Maternal support programs.
  • Providing and promoting literacy programs in the areas of reading and writing English, financial management, and related projects, especially for women and young girls.
  • Providing emergency intervention in time of drought and other unpredictable catastrophes.
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Future Large Projects:

  • We are planning to expand our training facility so that we can assist more youth, especially girls, who are the most vulnerable members of African society.
  • Creating a mobile library to provide kids both in and out of school with books that they can borrow on an on-going basis. This will promote improved literacy skills in communication in English as a second language.
  • Organizing health training for women with the assistance of science and or medical students.
  • Purchasing a stand-by ambulance for emergency situations.
  • Constructing and operating a public health unit that can provide women and girls with information on family planning and maternal health programs.
  • Purchasing vehicles that are cost effective and fuel economic. These will be used both for volunteers in their field activities as well as a means of transporting supplies and materials for our building projects.
  • In line with the local government leaders’ requests, we are planning to establish more cost-effective sports centers for the youth in adjacent communities. There is an urgent need for sports equipment and facilities such as basketball courts, volleyball fields and women netball courts. Just like us, the local government authorities are aware that these facilities are good for the purpose of keeping the youth busy and occupied which can reduce their engagements in risky behaviours and crime.  It also provides them with a social outlet rather than engaging in risky social activities such as gang activities or prostitution through which they can contract dangerous diseases like HIV/AIDS.