As we work in Canada and Africa we hope to touch the lives of those considered less favored in attaining life’s best opportunities as well as those at risk of things like drug abuse.

Children holding up water canisters during annual walk for water event Uganda

Together we can make a difference in the lives of the marginalized and the most vulnerable within our boarders especially the children and the youth. This is the best way of ensuring and securing a bright future.

All Youth As Volunteers Integrated Network Society activities depends on donations from both local and international donors. Your donation and support can be provided in many ways.

We are in urgent need of financial support to fund our current projects as well as future projects.

We offer several options for tax deductible donations.

Children filling water canisters during annual Walk for Water event Uganda

Please follow the links provided if you would like to donate through our partners at ChildCare International or International Christian Mission Services to ensure that your donation is set aside for the Youths As Volunteers Integrated Network Society. Click here to donate to us directly using PayPal, Debit, or a Credit Card.

If you are unable to provide monetary support, but would still like to help, please visit our volunteers page for more information on ways you can do so.