A message from our Executive Director:

On behalf of the Youths As Volunteers Integrated Network Society (YAVINS), I would like to welcome and thank you for your time for visiting YAVINS website. You are very important to us and we would like to work with you to reach out to those vulnerable youth in the Ugandan community. At YAVINS we believe that all people are created equally under one God and that all have and deserve a right to life, food, clothing, shelter and justice.

Together with you, we can make an everlasting impact and a difference in the lives of the youth by empowering and equipping them with the essential life skills so that they can experience hope and joy despite being in a hurting world. By supporting this generation, we can reach the broader community through them and impact generations to come.

At YAVIN Society, we believe that everybody including you has a gift, a talent, a tool or a hand, which can be employed to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. We target the youth of society to help effect this change because we believe that they are energetic and will be the facilitators of social change in the future.

Having grown up in Uganda where civil wars, disease and lack were a “song” of the day, I was parented and nurtured by many people those I knew and many I never knew. It is by God’s grace that I was able to survive as a child and a youth in such turbulent times of our country. Many memories still “ring” in my mind of when as a child; I was carried on peoples’ backs while crossing deep waters of rivers whose bridges had been bombed. Their support protected me from drowning and explosions. Moving from place to place in search of safety and peace taught me to appreciate the value of life, tranquility and peace that we normally take for granted. But mostly, it is the people that exhibited that love and protection that taught me to value others but more so to share my achievements, gifts, knowledge, possessions, time and love. It is because of those “strangers” and my family’s love that would later motivate me to serve on a number of boards of Directors for a number of humanitarian agencies such as, Childcare Canada, CALM-Africa, Zeulia Family Alliance for Development and others.

It is this motivation that helped me accept that call for service for many individuals and agencies such as, AIDS Toronto, Obwabini Kenya, Child Care Worldwide, Step up Schools, Sir Apollo Schools, Lutheran World Federation, Canadian International council, Inward Temples, The Gideons International, Full Gospel Fellowships, Fathers’ Heart-Watoto, and many others. It is the conviction I have, that “now” is the time to help bring that change in the lives of the youth especially those in Uganda. With pleasure and on behalf of this Society and its leadership Team, I humbly thank you all for the support you have accorded us. In Europe, Canada, U.S.A, Australia and many of you in distant lands, as an agency we thank you all for the support.


YAVIN Society is committed to the promotion of gender quality, racial equality and social equality. Our emphasis and focus is on youth especially the disabled, girls and women of all backgrounds. These are the most vulnerable people in our communities and the most desperate voice crying out for help in Uganda.

Focus on troubled Youth from Western Countries like Canada & others.

 I believe in change. I believe that change is possible for everyone. At YAVINS’ Vocation Training Centre/Community center we want to give a second chance to those troubled youth from Western societies like Canada and others, that are willing to work with us to achieve this objective. We have experienced consultants to ensure that this objective is achieved under our very restrictive strategies, initiatives and environments. Parents of those troubled youth are welcome to work in liaison with us where necessary. This is one of the major objectives of the creation of this Society. Send those young juveniles and give us a waiver to make a positive change in their lives. At YAVINS, we believe that everybody who wants to “sing can always find a song.” Before we think of Africa, I believe that it is important for the future of our communities to reach out to those troubled youth in jails. It is my conviction that extending compassion to young people at risk especially those in jails can positively transform the social dynamics of our society. As an organization we shall consolidate our efforts to reach out to various institutions especially colleges and universities to mobilize students to embark on this program that I initiated in the last few years. This benefits us all as a community.

Environmental Policies.

YAVIN Society is committed to educating youth from all geographical areas, most specifically however Africa, on the purposes and advantages of preserving our environment through community-based projects like tree planting, recycling and elimination of dangerous goods or chemicals like pesticides from communities. Through our international field programs and trainings, we plan to strengthen more eco-systems through eco-teams which will be teams specifically deployed with an environmental mandate. We have managed to plant more than 1000 trees in our areas of operation and we have made significant changes in a number of other communities in various countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.


The impact of HIV/AIDS has been so severe especially in Africa especially Rakai District and Uganda in general. This means that with the scourge of HIV/AIDS the producing capacity or productivity and the physical ability of the people is reduced severely leading to poverty, disease and even death. In Uganda alone the death rate from AIDS was projected to reach 18.5% in 2005 (UN AIDS report).

An estimated 20,000-30,000 HIV+ babies are born to HIV+ mothers each year, a number that is very significant in the estimated million of HIV+ people in Uganda.

Dear reader, I am encouraging you to join us and dedicate any time you may have available to you to come and help us to teach, play, socialize and train young Ugandans in their respective communities. I humbly call upon you to encourage your friends and co-workers whom you think are interested in making a difference in the lives of young people. Especially those youth who are living in marginalized communities of Uganda.  My friend, it does not matter where you are in any part of the world; whether in Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia or Africa; we welcome you with your talents and tools.

We have a range of activities, which can be of interest to you. We have areas in fields of carpentry, building construction, tailoring, games, counselling, medical support, teaching, public health and awareness and others as we have reflected throughout our webpage. We can help to arrange your accommodation and to make your stay comfortable and fulfilling. As a non-profit organization, we depend on donations to establish and operate all our programs and we especially rely on volunteers with a heart for service. Volunteers like you.

See you soon. Thank you and God bless you.

Samson Nabbimba Jr.
Phd, EVG/Rev, Soc, Educ

Our Core Team

Dr. Samson Nabbimba Jr.

Executive Director

Dr. Fred Nalugoda

Research Investigator/Director

Sean Thiessen


Richard Atkinson

Advisor and Youth Trainer

Alice N. Nantalo

Assistant Director of Finance and Community Liaison Officer

Benjamin Nabbimba

Fundraiser & Youth Representative

Rev. Isaac Mukisa


Owen Macrae

Senior Advisor

Madelynne Bazett

IT Support

Miriam Nabbimba

Youth Representative

Tracy Baker

Volunteer Coordinator

Christiana Walter

Global Manager

Other Team Members and Associates

Luke Crasto


Blessing S. Nabbimba